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Financial Advice for Entertainers and Semi Professional and Professional Athletes

You embody the meaning of dedication, sacrifice and a strong commitment to your goals. As a result of years of hard work, discipline and commitment, you have made it-- as an elite athlete or paid professional musician or actor.

Athletes understand the value of superior coaching and the best equipment and nutrition, and the advantages these can give you. 

Actors and musicians understand studying with the best in their craft provides insights, ideas and inspiration.

Confidentiality and privacy is important as you launch your career and wrap your hands around your financial affairs.  It is important that you can trust and feel comfortable with the advice you receive.  You need straight-forward explanations and should have an advisor who will take the time to explain complex financial terms and ideas so that you feel confident moving forward. 

We will also help navigate tax planning, income planning, asset protection strategies and capital preservation –these are all a critical part of our role in guiding you.

We use a wide variety of investment strategies and tools gleaned from our over 75-years combined experience to provide comprehensive financial advice.  As you prepare for a changing future it is important you learn how to preserve and protect some of your assets for a rainy day when careers, families, needs and goals change.

Here’s how we do it:

⦁ We coordinate communication with your agent, accountant and lawyers so that everyone is working toward your long-term best interests.

⦁ We strive to find investments and strategies in seeking to minimize income taxes. 

⦁ We plan so that you pursue a sustainable cash flow for spending.

⦁ We provide a screening process for investment ideas and businesses opportunities that come your way.

⦁ We create financial plans that seek to preserve your hard-earned income many years after your athletic career ends.

⦁ We help you address financial support needs for family members and others you care about that don’t hamper your long-term financial goals.

⦁ We consult on proper documentation needed to protect your assets and income.

⦁ We help you plan for asset protection strategies prior to marriage or during divorce proceedings. 

We will be by your side to help you with these issues and more, and give you honest, balanced advice on all matters impacting your financial health.

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors, the Trusted Financial Partner for your Professional Career Journey.

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You embody the meaning of dedication, sacrifice and a strong commitment to your goals. As a result of years of hard work, discipline and commitment, you have become an elite athlete.

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