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Our Process

Our work begins by helping you "PACK" for the Journey

Prepare – Assess – Consolidate – Know


  We begin with careful preparation and attention to detail.  This includes gathering all relevant financial information to assess your starting point.  To create a custom-made plan for you, we review investments, income, expenses, goals, insurance, long term care funding, and build your net worth summary.  Often we coordinate with other professionals including your tax preparer and attorney.  If you need a trusted professional we know several area professionals to help you to find the right partners. 

*LPL Financial nor Lions Bridge Financial Advisors recommends or guarantees the work of any professional we work with.


   Once we’ve gathered all the information, we then assess where you are.  We will explain how your current plan is working and where the path you are currently on may lead you—will you have enough money to achieve your goals? Can you reduce taxes? Are you saving enough? Are you over or under-insured? How will your estate be taxed and transfer? Do you have a plan for paying for long term care and other goals?  This step helps clear the fog around the future and gives insight into where your current path could lead.   


   We then consolidate all aspects of your financial life into a streamlined custom plan accessible to you online anytime—mapping out a personalized path for helping pursue your goals. Your plan goes beyond the obvious. We consider alternate paths to managing your financial goals—whether it’s paying for college, traveling, buying a vacation home, retiring early or giving to a cause that’s important to you. The ultimate goal of is to help you confidently make decisions by assessing and consolidating all the complexities of your financial life into a single, organized strategy.


   Our work doesn’t end there. Knowing there is a strategy for your investments and finances is one thing. Knowing that it has to be monitored and adjusted is something else. We meet regularly with our clients to update them and modify plans and strategies as needed.   We look forward to reviews and planning meetings because this is where we get to know clients better. It’s important we know and understand how their lives are changing to know how to better help a plan and strategy stay on course.