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Financial Advice for Executives and Professionals

You know the meaning of hard work.  You have put in long hours, weekends, and even occasionally missed important events -- all to keep your customers happy and your company growing.

You value a strong work ethic and the team members who contribute to your success. 

LPL Financial offers advice specifically tailored for executives and professionals that can help you grow your bottom line by:

     ⦁ Having your financial advisor, accountant and lawyer communicate so that they all act in your long-term best interest.  

     ⦁ Finding you investments and strategies that seek to minimize income taxes.

     ⦁ Making idle cash work harder because you don’ t have time to think about the best place to put it—that’s our job.

     ⦁ Sifting through your benefits to select the right retirement plans and the right coverage for life, disability and long-term care. 

     ⦁ Calculating the cost/benefit of additional education for advancement.

     ⦁ Helping you evaluate new career and business opportunities. 

     ⦁ Consulting on the proper documentation needed to help protect you, your family and your assets.

     ⦁ Helping you make decisions during difficult times such as a divorce and the death of a loved one.

     ⦁ Reviewing all insurance products for gaps and risks.

     ⦁ Building a financial plan in seeking to help you and your family build and preserve your wealth.  

You deserve an advisor who will be held to the fiduciary standard and put your interests ahead of their own. An advisor who understands how complex life can be when you’re successful and facing multiple demands on your time and talents.  

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors- PARTNER FOR YOUR CAREER JOURNEY.