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Women In Transition 

The Lions Bridge Financial Advisors team is committed to helping women walk through some of life’s most challenging chapters with an advocate at their side. We can help you feel more confident-whether you are starting a business or selling it, changing jobs or careers, navigating your way through a divorce or the death of a spouse. During such stressful life events you deserve an advisor who can make the complicated easier to understand and knows the right questions to ask, such as:

  • Will your money last your lifetime?
  • Have you thought of multiple “what if” scenarios?
  • Are your children protected?
  • Is the settlement or sales price fair?
  • How to reduce taxes on your settlement, divorce or sale?
  • Have you saved enough and invested appropriately?
  • Will there be money to care for you if you get sick?
  • Do you have loved ones with special needs to consider?
  • Are the proper documents in place to protect your assets?
  • What should you change or do prior to a new marriage?