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Family Leader - The Rock of Your Family

You have acquired wealth. You may think it’s not much, but it’s a significant amount, and it has to last your lifetime and perhaps shared with others.

You care about the future of your family, and you don’t want to rely on them.

You value good advice and you do your homework.  You want and need to be sure those you partner with are trustworthy, knowledgeable and put your goals first.  

We are committed to helping families like yours seek to build and preserve wealth by planning for both good and bad markets and economic cycles.  

The core of our practice is helping clients make the complicated easier to understand and knowing the right questions to ask, such as:  

      ⦁ Have you saved enough and invested appropriately?

      ⦁ Will your money last your lifetime? 

      ⦁ Will there be money to care for you if you get sick?

      ⦁ Do you have loved ones with special needs? Who will watch out for them when you can’t?

      ⦁ Are you managing risk appropriately?

      ⦁ Are your financial advisor, tax advisor and attorney coordinating to ensure your plan doesn’t go off track?  

      ⦁ How much can you responsibly spend and gift annually?

      ⦁ Do you have enough insurance or too much?

      ⦁ Are the proper planning documents in place to protect your assets?

      ⦁ What should you change or do prior to a new marriage or after the loss of a family member?

You deserve an advisor who is held to the fiduciary standard and put your interests ahead of their own.   An advisor with personal and professional experience from who you can benefit. An advisor who understands how complex life can be when you are the heart of the family.

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors-PARTNER FOR YOUR FAMILY’S JOURNEY.